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little star faerie

Lots of new for me with this drawing....it's my first original and while it isn't amazing, I'm pretty pleased. I usually do front on portrait style so the face is only so-so but I'm happy with the scale of the body. I do need to work more on doing full body drawings though. I also added a few background "props"....again something I never do. So I'm kind of excited about all the new and I'm looking forward to starting the next one.

little star faerie

Wow it's been a long time...

Life kind of got stagnant for a while but this summer while redoing our home (which is still an ungoing process) I've become excited to change parts of my life too. My kids are getting older and busier, which means I'm getting busier too... my new life choices don't include aging...lol. Anyway, that being said I've made a decision to pass ESS.com on to the next generation of fans who love him as much as we all do. I think their excitement is just what the site needs. We won't be doing the actual switch over til sometime in September cause I'm busy with 'Life stuff' right now, but I'm excited to see where they take it. I, on the other hand have decided to concentrate more on my art and see where it leads me. It's funny because every time I go to pick up a pencil after not drawing for a long time I worry that my other drawings have been a fluke and I won't be able to do it again. I haven't drawn anything besides kids crafty things since January but the last couple of days I was feeling in a bit of a funk so I picked up my pencils and pad and 5 hours flew by. (of course that meant I was up til almost 3:30am...sorry Andrea and Jeff for the hyper Kim emails you received) Amazingly enough, the blah, sad feeling I had totally disappeared. Now I can't wait to move on to the next drawing. I'm also starting to experiment with colour but my first foray in that direction was less than stellar. If anyone on here has any ideas on how to get started selling artwork please message me. I know I still have a way to go but I'm happy with the progress I'm making and hope at some point to be able to put stuff out there that people might like to buy.

Anyway, here is my latest drawing... I saw a picture of her last night had actually felt the NEED to draw her. I'm sticking with the Faerie, Fae, Land of Magik theme because I love it and seem to get the most out of drawing it. One of my big goals is getting some original drawings done but right now I find there are too many ideas in my head of how I want them to look and they get a bit jumbled in the translation to the paper. Any constructive criticism and tips would be greatly appreciated.


Celtic Peace Symbol

I haven't drawn in months because real life got more real and my kids got crazy busy ergo Mom got crazy busy. So I decided that this year I would make the time again. I love how I feel when I am drawing, it's a good zen place for me. Right now I find I'm really being pulled toward celtic/medieval things...possibly due to my newest obsession, the tv show Merlin. Anyway, I didn't have a tonne of time tonight so I decided to draw one of the symbols that I thought was quite pretty PLUS why not start the year with Peace.
Again my scanner is kaput so this is just a photo...which sucks cause you really can't see details. Plus I've apparently crinkled the paper I was drawing on...I'm so out of practice :|

Happy New Year everyone! 

Happy Holidays from ESS.com

Starting tomorrow (12/14/11) we will be changing up the homepage on ESS.com. A new photo will be added each day of the 12 days of Christmas. This is our holiday gift to the fans who support and help us at ESS.com. A big "Thank You" to Andrea for working on all the pictures for us. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Gabriel Macht Drawing

 Lordy I love a man with deep smile lines around his eyes but it doesn't make him easy to draw.  I haven't seen his show Suits but I am very familiar with the Harvey/Mike Slash videos and fanfics....I almost don't want to watch the show because it will probably ruin all the non-canon yumminess for me.  Again I have no scanner so the details are sucky and it looks like I barely shaded/blended. Overall I'm pretty happy with it even though I see little imperfections.

ESS Drawing

 This is from the ATWT Anniversary party....His eyes/lips look a little feminine but overall I'm happy with it.  Two drawings in one week...need to keep it up...always puts me in a good place.

Elf Drawing

It feels like forever since I've taken the time to draw something. It's such an amazing feeling when you start with a blank page and look down a couple hours later and actually see something.  Drawing is my "in the moment" activity...time flies and I just feel in that really good place.  Yes this is another elf...Sometimes I look at it and see a male, (which it started out as) other times a female (especially around the eyes) ...I'm going with a very feminine male elf.  Not my all time favourite but I'm pretty happy with it. Still no scanner :(


Auction to benefit VSC

Eric has generously signed and donated two unique ATWT's items to be auctioned to benefit the Vermont Shakespeare Company. The first is Dr. Reid Oliver's Harvard Diploma, which was seen on the wall of his Dallas office on the first day Reid was on our screens. The second is a script (episode #13,851...air date Sept. 7,2010) The final script for Reid's character. The script is 82 pages long plus has some cover pages. So something from the first day and the last day of this amazing character.

All bids should be emailed to ESS.com. The email address is k.5weet@yahoo.com or just click "Contact Us" in the top right corner. Please write VSC Auction Bid in the Subject box. All bids will be forwarded to the Auction Organizers. Bidding starts NOW and ends JUNE 26 at 2pm. The bids (but not the bidder) will be posted as they are received, on the ESS Fan Forum so you can be kept up to date of the top bid. The winners will be announced at the private screening of LLRT in New York where members of the Vermont Shakespeare Company will be present.

**Please note: Paypal will be set up for payment and the winners will also be responsible for shipping costs. This is NOT related to the LLRT Premiere or Incentives.

As these are very unique items bidding starts at $250 for each. We will also have larger photos to post this weekend.

Dark Wing Faerie

 This is loosely based on a painting by agalloway....I was hoping to do it in colour but kind of lost my nerve.  We just discovered that my old scanner won't work remotely with the new Mac  (:sadface) so until I can move it back to my old laptop and re-connect it I have to keep using my camera to load pictures.  Sadly it doesn't come anywhere close to getting the details.  Oh well...
It was a lot of fun drawing this today.  I got to texture a bit, layer and use my eraser to create more details in the hair. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Drawing Van

This is Van. He's looking a bit like a little boy in a man's suit. His eyes and lips always give me a bit of grief when I try to draw him.  I actually had to erase and re-draw the eyes 3 times before saying no more...(Once I sign/date it, I don't touch it again.)  He so pretty though I have to keep trying so I'm sure you'll see more of him in my journal.